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“To The Family As A Whole” began with a desire to continue the genealogical research of my father, George Kenneth McCuistion. His desire, update and correct discrepancies found in the 1937 published work of Leona Bean McQuiston, “The McCuiston, McQuiston, and McQuesten Families, 1620-1937”.

Leona researched the family history with the goals of providing one genealogy for the family history and “trace[ing] our origin to the MacDonald Clan” of Scotland. She compiled this research into one genealogical resource. With DNA testing, Leona’s hope of tracing our origin is accomplished. However, compiling the family history into one genealogy eluded her. It is my desires to one day accomplish this task.

Understand, researching family history is in no means a “task”. It is a labor of love and unembellished pride in family. It is an opportunity to meet family members unknown. It is an opportunity to connect family members. It is an opportunity to share. It is an opportunity to learn more about ancestry. With these opportunities, came the creation of Clan Uisdean, USA, an organization that further unites the Uisdean family interest. Under the Branches link are the known Uisdean families.

I must add, as the interest and study into my father's branch of the family grew, so did the desire to learn more about my mother's branch of the family. In order to learn more, I’ve chosen to expand the listings for “To The Family As A Whole”. The site includes my paternal and maternal ancestry, as I know it. With this, I am able to celebrate all of my family. Please, visit often as updates are provided regularly.

This site is dedicated to my family and I sincerely thank all of you that have assisted by providing family information.

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This month in family's history:

06 May 1910: Gertrude Collins Dafoe was in Wautoma, Wisconsin
08 May 1985: Robert J. Bromley died in Michigan
20 May 1921: Floy Gladys Low was married to George G. McCuistion

Clan Uisdean Interests

02 May 1910: Ella M. McChristian was in Ballardtown, Kentucky
04 May 1796: Kathrine McCuistan was born in County Argyle, Scotland
06 May 1895: Arthur J. McQueston was born in Massachusetts
18 May 1906: Alice McQuesten married in Concord, New Hampshire
23 May 1852: Dr. Abraham McQuiston died in Bloomfield, Indiana

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